And so it begins again.

johnpaulsharp.com has been in existence in some form or another since the late 90’s. It’s been a place for me to share my expression and art. It’s been in such a static state for so many years, I felt it was appropriate to convert this space into a wordpress format. As the days continue on, I’ll be posting my anthology of artistic works, including pictures, lyrics, music, videos, and articles.

I’ll be writing new stuff too and sharing that in stages as I go. Social media can be so daunting in the world we currently live in. In an effort to distance myself from Facebook a bit, I’m choosing to post my thoughts here instead.

As I continue to build new and old material, I’ll categorize them and present them through pages on the sidebar.  For now, I’ll mostly be building.

For those of you who have visit this place in the past and have returned of your own volition, thank you for thinking of me.  Thanks for being a fan. ♥


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