This week, my focus has been to pay attention to my body. I have to admit, I didn’t establish my meditation routines very well this last week. I started off good and then fell off. I caught myself back up today, but I intend to continue forward and work hard as becoming more mindful, because I know it will make my life better.

What I did take away from this week were two things: Listen to your body and help your body. Part of being able to do this is to make time for it.

To help myself go to sleep, I will begin to relax my body, starting at my toes and going all the way to my head. I will recognize any areas of discomfort, give them space for acknowledgement and then do my best to release that pain and let it go. This will help me to identify if there are any physical manifestations of stress I might be going through so I can perhaps make modifications to improve.

In my journey so far, I’m realizing that solidifying my morning routine is essential to me being successful in all the things I’m doing: working full time as a cook, cooking weekly planned meals, integrating mindfulness into my life, going back to school online full-time, and continuing my work as a performing songwriter. Did I mention I’m in a relationship?

It all starts with the morning time. So, from here on out, I will establish my morning routine as follows:

  1. Wake Up, Get Dressed
  2. Feed the Cat, Make Coffee
  3. Drink a small glass of water
  4. Stretch
  5. Meditate / Journal
  6. Eat Breakfast
  7. Wash face, brush teeth.

The key factor is to drink water and stretch before I do anything else with my life. I’d have to feed my cat first, though, because he’d bother me while stretching if I didn’t.

In these morning meditations, I will try to do a quicker version of the body scan. Then, I will work on new lessons in my journal in my meditation.

I’m also making commitments to be better to my body. One of my goals this month is to find a chiropractor who can make some adjustments and then get a referral for a massage therapist. In combination with my own stretching, water intake, and meditation, I think I will find my body feels better and I am more able to listen to it. I’ll report back on how it goes next week.