This week, I made some delicious Indian food using quick oats! This time, everything came out delicious. No losers!

Well, it’s been a very emotional and eventful week this last week. I’m learning that school is taking up the majority of my time on Mondays, so I don’t end up cooking until 7 or 8pm! By the time I get done, I don’t have a whole lot of energy to make a blog post, so these might be coming on Tuesdays more regularly.

Again, my apologies for the dirty paper. Maybe one of these days, I’ll figure out a different way, but I kind of like the realness of it. hahaha The URL for the paneer got cut off: (kind of a silly URL, don’t you think?)

You see I have two recipes for the Oat Cutlets. They are basically the same except one person uses slightly different ingredients. So, I decided to combine them and add all the ingredients from both recipes.

I like to set everything out first. They call that mise en place (french for everything in its place)

The cutlets are really easy to make. Just make sure you make your mashed potatoes first. I decided to *LIVE* and added salt, pepper, butter and a little milk to my mashed potatoes, even though I’m sure the recipe just wanted straight-up mashed potatoes. Also, don’t forget to dry-roast the quick oats first as well. Those are the two big things.

The oats tend to suck up the oil pretty easily. The recipe calls for very little oil. I’m not sure how they did that without burning everything in sight. But you basically just cook everything together, starting with the green chilies, onions, carrots, then the spices, then the mashed potatoes, then the oats, and finally throw the rest in and cook for about five minutes.

Take the mixture and flatten it out so it can cool in the fridge. Get your oil ready again and when the mixture is cooled, form them into patties and fry them about 3 minutes on each side. My mixture made 7 cutlets.

They’re yummy af!

The Palak Paneer was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Here’s all the stuff you need:

Just wilt down the spinach with oil and the garlic/ginger mixture. Make sure to cook down that garlic. I don’t think I cooked mine down enough because I could still taste raw garlic in my palak. Add tomato and cook down until mushy. Add all the spices, cashews, and cream and then take what you’ve cooked and put it into a blender and blend the shit out of that until it is a puree. The recipe said to cool it down first, but I didn’t have time for that.

After you’ve blended everything, put it back on the low-heat stove and add the cubed paneer and let them mix together well. Turn off the heat. Then it’s ready to go!

Wow! Indian meal!

You might be asking. What’s the red/orange stuff? Well, I realized I forgot about a third component, so what I did was I took stuff from my fridge and made a salad out of it: Red Grapefruit, Mellogold Grapefruit, carrots shreds, strawberries, sugar, and apple cider vinegar. And you know, it turned out ok! I probably would have left the carrot shreds out, but you know, they would have gotten thrown out otherwise and they aren’t terrible with the fruit at all. The texture is a lot though.

I’m very proud of the meal I made. Now I have a ton of indian spices in my cabinet and so I’m going to try to make an Indian meal at least once a month. Next up, I’ve got to come up with four meals featuring barley!!

Let me know if you end up making this or any of my recipes. I’d love to hear your feedback and get your inspiration as well. Much love to you and your families.