BS Vocal Performance, University of Colorado Denver, 2009
MA Digital Learning Technology, University of Colorado Denver, 2013
ABA Paralegal Studies, Eastern Gateway Community College, 2021

My diverse educational background has prepared me to face a variety of challenges using different strategic approaches.  In the past, I spent time in the theater and music communities as a writer, actor, and creative producer and director.  I wrote and recorded many albums of music and enjoy singing for others when the appropriate time presents itself.  I taught graduate students creative designs for instructional materials at the University of Colorado Denver for many years.  In recent years, I learned the foundations of law in the scope of a paralegal’s work, which became the catalyst to join the real estate industry.  I am a life-long learner and am currently casually studying Hindi and Devanagari. When I am driving around, I am listening to either audio books, podcasts, or KUOW. 

I believe family and friends are as precious as time.  I love being out doors and seeing live performances.  I enjoy a good drive, just to see what an area of Washington is like.  Being thankful and grateful through service is my foundation for success in life.