Entropy (2017)

Entropy by John Paul Sharp (2017)
Entropy by John Paul Sharp (2017)

Entropy is a short musical I wrote about a sunflower-like Goddess who has a vision for the end of her world.  She then wakes up her Flora of Angels and demands they dance for her as she celebrates the fruition of all her suffering. Then she realizes she has final words to say before they all go.  This musical was produced by Writers and Actors Reading and Performing (WARP) Theatre in October of 2017, starring Saya Jean Burchfield as the goddess, with backing vocals by yours truly.  Video of a live performance to come! Until then, enjoy the soundtrack and read the script.  The soundtrack includes the studio recordings with Saya Jean as well as Karaoke versions, instrumental versions, and acoustic recordings sung by myself on the piano.

Scene I: The Vision

There is a spotlight on a majestic sunflower-like Goddess sitting atop a large, elaborate throne with flowers, vines, and thorns. Below her bare feet lay a large cauldron, with a steaming brew. Goddess sways back and forth and after a moment, music is heard and the vision is projected.

Her vision projects a sky which is slowly losing its colour and form. The sky shatters and reforms in different ways, fading out of color, coming back into color.  As Goddess sings, the changes happen faster and faster.

(morbid curiosity)
♫sky asunder!
such is the fabric of my heart.
has the end come to start?
glorious Vision’s final spark,
Your word to disembark … ♫

Goddess dances to the music in her throne as her vision depicts a large group of villagers in a field of grass, screaming and yelling at each other, holding bits of wheat and corn in their hands. The yelling turns to throwing, turns to pushing, turns to hitting, turns to cutting, screaming, crying, survivors dropping to their knees, looking up, seeing the sky slowly lose its color and shape.

(loving, reaching out)
♫hunger for love!
if I could only right the wrong
it wouldn’t be this song
‘tis okay, ‘tis okay, ‘tis fine
this is the day, this is my time ♫

Pronounced percussion is heard as the Vision projects an atomic bomb exploding in the sky. The Goddess is overwhelmed with joy as the atomic bomb explodes, dancing in her seat.

♫You can’t ask for much more than that!
because I am so tired of being so strong, O!
after all that we’ve been through my intentions are bearing fruit
‘tis my purpose, ‘tis my heartache, ‘tis my pain
‘tis the reason I maintain ♫

As the music ends, the Vision projects traveling through stars, going faster and faster until the full view becomes a static blur of white and black pin-drops.

Fade to black.

Scene II:  Wake Up

Dim lights reveal Goddess on her throne. A haunting harp is heard as She calls to wake Her Flora of Angels. They softly and slowly rise to greet her voice, first one, then two, then the whole.

Vision projects the rise of the sun, a beautiful morning, grass, wheat, flowers, bees, birds.

(improvisational scat to begin)
♫so much for this life
so much for the sun and sky
so much for the hopeless ones on the field
death by tonight
and I feel like dancing♫

The Flora of Angels begin dancing in rhythm to Goddess as she continues to sing.

♫Take hold of the light
And drink like you’ll never drink again
take in one another’s energy and laugh
laugh like a child,
and don’t stop the dancing♫

The Flora of Angels laugh in a rhythmic way, joining hands and dancing as a snake, traveling the figure of infinity for the Goddess’ delight, who soon laughs with them. Vision projects four children of diverse characteristics dancing, holding hands, laughing, chasing after each other on an open field.

♫that’s the beauty of this life
beauty of the sun and sky
beauty for the hopeless on the field
everything will be alright
‘cause I feel like dancing♫

The Flora of Angels continue to dance and Goddess is enjoying watching until She begins to think about all the things She needs to say.  She becomes distant and focused and stares off into the distance by the end of the song.

Scene III – As We Go

A piano is heard and The Flora of Angels listen intently to Goddess. She is hyper-focused and unwavering.

♫There are things I need to share with you
Before the end of living.
Nothing lasts forever, nothing true,
and that’s the story of living.

I need you to know I love you very much,
I want you to know I know how hard it’s been,
But now we need to focus on the times we laughed so hard.

And as we go, don’t be scared, it will be okay,
As we go, don’t be sad, it won’t matter anyway,
As we go, we were worth all the pain we did endure.

I have got a feeling it is close,
I can feel it in my bones,
Can you feel that feeling in the air?
Wobbly and charged with entropy

Never mind the pain that we’ve been through,
All that matters now is that I love you.
But now we need to focus on the times we laughed so hard.

And as we go, don’t be scared, it will be okay,
As we go, don’t be sad, it won’t matter anyway,
As we go, we were worth all the pain we did endure.

As we go, take our hearts in our hands,
Smash it up until there’s nothing left of it!
Don’t look back! Know the pain- it was all worth it!
And after we go there won’t be anyone to remember … ♫

(as voices are heard singing, Goddess bursts into tears, and carefully makes her way down from her throne to be comforted by Her Flora of Angels. They surround her and comfort her and some of the Angels start to cry too, but near the end of the song, they see how silly it is to cry and all softly laugh together.)

The sound of a bomb goes off as we fade to black.

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