Thank You

Getting myself organized and ready to reflect as I plan for next year’s events. This year has been a ton of fun, full of collaborations and performing together, and I look forward to taking next year to a whole other level! ♥ Thank you to all the artists who have worked with me this last year. I’ve… Continue reading Thank You

Party Like It’s 1999: Lilith Fair

Rather than go the holiday route, I decided to celebrate female songwriters from the late 90’s! I’ll be covering some of my favorite artists from when I was growing up as a teenager. Come relive the moments with me and my friends: Chris Harnois on Flute, Manolito Daniel sings, and Vid Hardt tells a story… Continue reading Party Like It’s 1999: Lilith Fair

Autumn Leaves

Kick the fall season into gear with some jazz and poetry! John Paul Sharp will playing some jazz standards as well as a few jazzy originals. The concert opens with musical guest Axel. Enjoy poetry by Dre. Experience live painting with Lydia Tarricone! As always, my concerts are free.

One of the Good Ones

Track List: What Happened?! Caught Off Guard (feat. John Paul Sharp) Make Peace (feat. Visage LaRue) Seattle is a Lonely Town (feat. Saya Jean) Don’t Say a Word (feat. Chris Harnois) Integrity (feat. Jack Tusk) Enchanting Moment (feat. Emma Wilkinson) Good People (feat. CarLarans) In My Lane What Happened? Music and Lyrics by John Paul… Continue reading One of the Good Ones

Big 40th Birthday Concert!

It’s my 40th birthday and you’re personally invited to come celebrate with me by enjoying brand new music in collaboration with seven of my best artist friends! We’re singing brand new duets from my new music release, “One of the Good Ones,” out in late July! We’ll be hanging out, singing songs, and revealing a… Continue reading Big 40th Birthday Concert!


Please enjoy my latest musical release, “Mindful”. In this album of nine instrumental works, I feature flutist Chris Harnois in every track. These songs are meant to heal whatever feels broken within you. Use it to meditate, use it to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home, or just listen it to it because it’s… Continue reading Mindful

Mindful Listening Concert

I’d love to see you join me for my listening concert of a new meditative album I created in collaboration with flutist Chris Harnois. These songs are meant to heal what hurts. There will be a floor mattress with blankets. Feel free to bring your own lounge-type items and relax with us! Chris Harnois will… Continue reading Mindful Listening Concert