Bingo Break (2012)

Bingo Break by John Paul Sharp (2012)

Bingo Break was originally written and performed for the Writers and Actors Reading and Performing playwrights group which met every Tuesday night at the Eclectic Theater in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Bingo Break is a slice-of-life short play about a three “ladies” who play bingo together in Wichita, Kansas. Bingo Break by John… Continue reading Bingo Break (2012)

Madne$$ (2012)

Madne$$ by John Paul Sharp (2012)

1. Let Loose Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Vocals by Jeffrey Alan Bennet, Lector Morales, and John Paul Sharp Lector: I’m just tired of these damn bills comin’ up all the time … So I’m gonna’ let loose! I’m gonna’ have me a great time. JP: Oh! Come on, Oh! Come on, Oh!… Continue reading Madne$$ (2012)

Thirty Days and Thirty Thoughts (2011)

Thirty Days and Thirty Thoughts by John Paul Sharp (2011)

I have been a fan and an off-and-on participant of NaNoWriMo (i.e., National Novel Writing Month) over the years.  In 2011, I achieved the goal of 50,000 words.  November is one of the worst months for most people to try and write that much in thirty days.  But, I suppose, that’s why it’s such a… Continue reading Thirty Days and Thirty Thoughts (2011)