I Will Give My Heart (2014)

I Will Give My Heart by John Paul Sharp (2014)

This is an album of traditional Christmas Carols given new life by me, with my friends Saya Jean Burchfield, Jason Dooley, Amy Korker, Rachel Tyrell, Elyse Nakajima, Laurel Clark, and Mary Nelson-Brown. 1. There’s a Song in the Air Words: Josiah Gilbert Holland, from The Marble Prophecy and Other Poems, 1872, and in The Brilliant,… Continue reading I Will Give My Heart (2014)

Dif’raunt (2014)

Dif'raunt by John Paul Sharp (2014)

1. Good Morning to You Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp hey, are you feeling okay? I don’t like how you mope for the life that you chose are you feeling alone? Because you could have stayed home, But you didn’t, you’re here, and i’m happy you’re here, you’re a trooper. hey, don’t look… Continue reading Dif’raunt (2014)