Birthday Blowout Concert (Live) (2018)

This album was recorded live on July 29, 2018 at Gallery1412. This was part of my free monthly concert series where I performed songs from my anthology, as well as many brand new duets. Singers on this album include Kay Baily, Jack Tusk, Saya Jean, Emma Wilkinson, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, and CarLarans. Carlos Snaider on acoustic… Continue reading Birthday Blowout Concert (Live) (2018)

My Big Phat Gay Musical (2009)

My Big Phat Gay Musical by John Paul Sharp (2009)

Download My Big Phat Gay Musical (2014 Libretto) by John Paul Sharp Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify for free! Watch the 2009 performance. 1. Gut Feeling Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Something big is comin’ my way; I can feel it in my gut. Something big will happen today, Something real, but… Continue reading My Big Phat Gay Musical (2009)