Dif’raunt (2014)

Dif'raunt by John Paul Sharp (2014)

1. Good Morning to You Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp hey, are you feeling okay? I don’t like how you mope for the life that you chose are you feeling alone? Because you could have stayed home, But you didn’t, you’re here, and i’m happy you’re here, you’re a trooper. hey, don’t look… Continue reading Dif’raunt (2014)


PLAY.REMIX by John Paul Sharp (2013)

PLAY.REMIX by John Paul Sharp 1. Play (Original Track) Music, Lyrics, and Vocals by John Paul Sharp I don’t want to go outside Rather stay in here and hide The darkness fills my soul I love the solitude, love the cold Get out the vices; here we come Reclaim the throne of fun If only… Continue reading PLAY.REMIX (2013)