Total Family Massage (2013)

Total Family Massage by John Paul Sharp (2013)

Total Family Massage is a three-act musical theater show originally produced by Copious Love Productions in December of 2013. It’s a show about family, with lots of laughs and plenty of tear-jerker moments. Nearly everyone in the show is gay and there many, many dick jokes. While this show is intended for a mature audience,… Continue reading Total Family Massage (2013)

Thirty (2010)

Thirty by John Paul Sharp (2010)

1. Thirty Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp the hooplah’s over it’s said and done another year and I’ll be 31 you said I’d be there now (if you want it you can get it you don’t have to sweat it you can figure out a way to get it on your own) said… Continue reading Thirty (2010)

Best of jps* (2005)

Best of jps* by John Paul Sharp (2005)

This is a collection of what I thought were my best tracks at that time.  You can find these songs on four different albums: Second Base, Afflatus Animus, The Winter Project, and Celerity of the Sun (which would release the next year). 1. Remembering a Little Dream Music by John Paul Sharp 2. Trying to… Continue reading Best of jps* (2005)

We Got Problems (2005)

We Got Problems by John Paul Sharp 2005

1. Watch Me Music and Vocals by John Paul Sharp 2. Cocks on Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Looking at cocks on Certainly seems the bomb, But looking after several hours still Will make you really ill Why would you do that? You ask. Well I will tell you the facts… Continue reading We Got Problems (2005)