Scrapbook (2010)

Scrapbook by John Paul Sharp (2010)

This album contains live recordings from my undergraduate experiences at the University of Colorado Denver., including my junior recital and performances from the singer/songwriter ensemble (dated 2006 – 2008). 1. Welcome to the Show! (Live ’08) 2. Little Speckles on the TV Screen (Live ’08) Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Piano performed by… Continue reading Scrapbook (2010)

Thirty (2010)

Thirty by John Paul Sharp (2010)

1. Thirty Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp the hooplah’s over it’s said and done another year and I’ll be 31 you said I’d be there now (if you want it you can get it you don’t have to sweat it you can figure out a way to get it on your own) said… Continue reading Thirty (2010)