Please enjoy my latest musical release, “Mindful”. In this album of nine instrumental works, I feature flutist Chris Harnois in every track. These songs are meant to heal whatever feels broken within you. Use it to meditate, use it to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home, or just listen it to it because it’s… Continue reading Mindful

Mindful Listening Concert

I’d love to see you join me for my listening concert of a new meditative album I created in collaboration with flutist Chris Harnois. These songs are meant to heal what hurts. There will be a floor mattress with blankets. Feel free to bring your own lounge-type items and relax with us! Chris Harnois will… Continue reading Mindful Listening Concert

2019 Update

Hello, from JP and Sylvester. We just wanted to tell you about all the things I’m doing this year: Meal Planning & Mindful Mantras on Mondays. I’m performing at Gallery1412 on the last Sunday of every month at 7pm. My concerts are always free. January 27, Pleasurrection Concert, February 24, Love and Healing II: You… Continue reading 2019 Update

Listen to and Help Your Body

This week, my focus has been to pay attention to my body. I have to admit, I didn’t establish my meditation routines very well this last week. I started off good and then fell off. I caught myself back up today, but I intend to continue forward and work hard as becoming more mindful, because… Continue reading Listen to and Help Your Body

Daily Gratitude

“Through the challenges, I resolve my faith.” Monday’s Mindfulness Mantra I’ve dubbed this year “Two Thousand KINDteen” and my goal is to increase my mindfulness and, therefore, become a much kinder person than I am today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty kind person now, but I have a tendency to emotionally react to… Continue reading Daily Gratitude