Faggot’s Got Jokes

Hey, all you faggots and faggot lovers!  Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you!  Let’s have ourselves a gay old time at Gallery1412, June 29th at 7:30 p.m.  It’s a free concert to celebrate faggotry at its finest.  Be prepared to hear the word “cock” sung frequently.  Burlseque extraordinaire, EmpoROAR Fabulous!!! will be opening the evening with… Continue reading Faggot’s Got Jokes


Celebrate being messy in a messed up world with my music concert #MESS. Jack Tusk opening. Me singing and playing the piano, as well as singing over prerecorded tracks. Should be a lot of fun! There will be a surprise when you get there. This concert, with all my concerts, are FREE! My set list for… Continue reading #MESS

Waiting for Weed (2017)

Waiting for Weed by John Paul Sharp (2017)

Waiting for Weed is a short film about the ethical consumerism and institutional racism in the new age of legal recreational marijuana. Directed by Joe Derr. Written by John Paul Sharp. Starring Jason Dooley and Amy Youngblood, with Navia Panelo, Eric Singletary, Greg Beach, G. Mike West, and Tuna Tempeh. Produced by Writers and Actors Reading… Continue reading Waiting for Weed (2017)

Total Family Massage (2013)

Total Family Massage by John Paul Sharp (2013)

Total Family Massage is a three-act musical theater show originally produced by Copious Love Productions in December of 2013. It’s a show about family, with lots of laughs and plenty of tear-jerker moments. Nearly everyone in the show is gay and there many, many dick jokes. While this show is intended for a mature audience,… Continue reading Total Family Massage (2013)


PLAY.REMIX by John Paul Sharp (2013)

PLAY.REMIX by John Paul Sharp 1. Play (Original Track) Music, Lyrics, and Vocals by John Paul Sharp I don’t want to go outside Rather stay in here and hide The darkness fills my soul I love the solitude, love the cold Get out the vices; here we come Reclaim the throne of fun If only… Continue reading PLAY.REMIX (2013)

Madne$$ (2012)

Madne$$ by John Paul Sharp (2012)

1. Let Loose Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Vocals by Jeffrey Alan Bennet, Lector Morales, and John Paul Sharp Lector: I’m just tired of these damn bills comin’ up all the time … So I’m gonna’ let loose! I’m gonna’ have me a great time. JP: Oh! Come on, Oh! Come on, Oh!… Continue reading Madne$$ (2012)

New Year, Same Life (2011)

New Year, Same Life by John Paul Sharp (2012)

1. Blow Away Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Let the world blow away I’m gonna’ make me some music today, hey – Put your troubles aside, leave your pride at the door, Time to give ’em s’more … Let’s make it up as we go along, Whatever feels good – Ain’t that the… Continue reading New Year, Same Life (2011)

The Velveteen Rabbit (2011)

The Velveteen Rabbit by John Paul Sharp (2011)

The Velveteen Rabbit by John Paul Sharp The Velveteen Rabbit (Score) by John Paul Sharp on Scribd 1.  I’m So Bored Music by John Paul Sharp ELLIE: I’m so bored, nothing can help! Movies, games and toys don’t help! Surely there is something else to keep me satisfied, for now. None of my friends are… Continue reading The Velveteen Rabbit (2011)