Grass (2017)

Grass, music by John Paul Sharp (2017)

Grass is a mini-musical written by Jim Fox.  I wrote the music! The piece was originally produced by Writers and Actors Reading and Performing (WARP) Theatre in April of 2017, starring Elizabeth Hagert as Lisa, Michael Lacker as Wilbur, Molly Blades as Lady G, and G. Mike West as Mr. B. Directed by Allison Lloyd. … Continue reading Grass (2017)

Total Family Massage (2013)

Total Family Massage by John Paul Sharp (2013)

Total Family Massage is a three-act musical theater show originally produced by Copious Love Productions in December of 2013. It’s a show about family, with lots of laughs and plenty of tear-jerker moments. Nearly everyone in the show is gay and there many, many dick jokes. While this show is intended for a mature audience,… Continue reading Total Family Massage (2013)

Strangers (2010)

Strangers by John Paul Sharp (2010)

Strangers was a 2010 experimental hip-hop, slam poetry musical written by a team of students from the University of Colorado Denver’ Theater Buffs. I was asked to write the music for them and was excited to have my second musical be set in such a strange world. Strangers is about aliens and xenophobia. 1. Prologue… Continue reading Strangers (2010)

My Big Phat Gay Musical (2009)

My Big Phat Gay Musical by John Paul Sharp (2009)

Download My Big Phat Gay Musical (2014 Libretto) by John Paul Sharp Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify for free! Watch the 2009 performance. 1. Gut Feeling Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Something big is comin’ my way; I can feel it in my gut. Something big will happen today, Something real, but… Continue reading My Big Phat Gay Musical (2009)