Birthday Blowout Concert (Live) (2018)

This album was recorded live on July 29, 2018 at Gallery1412. This was part of my free monthly concert series where I performed songs from my anthology, as well as many brand new duets. Singers on this album include Kay Baily, Jack Tusk, Saya Jean, Emma Wilkinson, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, and CarLarans. Carlos Snaider on acoustic… Continue reading Birthday Blowout Concert (Live) (2018)

Birthday Blowout Music Concert!

I’ve written six brand new songs for this free music concert and I’m performing magical duets with Kay Bailey, Jack Tusk, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, and Emma Elezi Wilkinson! Storm Benjamin on percussion. We will be viewing everyone’s favorite short film, Waiting for Weed!

Stories and Songs of Love and Healing

photo by Andee Taylor

Come see me perform 10 original love songs, live, on the piano!  I’ll have my favorite vocalists with me: Jason Dooley and Saya Jean.  Stephany Hazelrigg will be opening the evening with her 5-year-old daughter, Malayla Amada. Slam poet Leila Marie Ali will perform a piece she wrote for the event.  This will also be… Continue reading Stories and Songs of Love and Healing

Entropy (2017)

Entropy by John Paul Sharp (2017)

Entropy is a short musical I wrote about a sunflower-like Goddess who has a vision for the end of her world.  She then wakes up her Flora of Angels and demands they dance for her as she celebrates the fruition of all her suffering. Then she realizes she has final words to say before they… Continue reading Entropy (2017)

I Will Give My Heart (2014)

I Will Give My Heart by John Paul Sharp (2014)

This is an album of traditional Christmas Carols given new life by me, with my friends Saya Jean Burchfield, Jason Dooley, Amy Korker, Rachel Tyrell, Elyse Nakajima, Laurel Clark, and Mary Nelson-Brown. 1. There’s a Song in the Air Words: Josiah Gilbert Holland, from The Marble Prophecy and Other Poems, 1872, and in The Brilliant,… Continue reading I Will Give My Heart (2014)

Dif’raunt (2014)

Dif'raunt by John Paul Sharp (2014)

1. Good Morning to You Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp hey, are you feeling okay? I don’t like how you mope for the life that you chose are you feeling alone? Because you could have stayed home, But you didn’t, you’re here, and i’m happy you’re here, you’re a trooper. hey, don’t look… Continue reading Dif’raunt (2014)

Total Family Massage (2013)

Total Family Massage by John Paul Sharp (2013)

Total Family Massage is a three-act musical theater show originally produced by Copious Love Productions in December of 2013. It’s a show about family, with lots of laughs and plenty of tear-jerker moments. Nearly everyone in the show is gay and there many, many dick jokes. While this show is intended for a mature audience,… Continue reading Total Family Massage (2013)

The Fool (2013)

The Fool by John Paul Sharp (2013)

1. This is Our Time Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about time … Break out your gayest friend and get ‘im real high ’cause he’ll get married on the square with marijuana there And we all know which way the wind blows It’s gonna’ be merry! Say goodbye to… Continue reading The Fool (2013)