Entropy (2017)

Entropy by John Paul Sharp (2017)

Entropy is a short musical I wrote about a sunflower-like Goddess who has a vision for the end of her world.  She then wakes up her Flora of Angels and demands they dance for her as she celebrates the fruition of all her suffering. Then she realizes she has final words to say before they… Continue reading Entropy (2017)

Waiting for Weed (2017)

Waiting for Weed by John Paul Sharp (2017)

Waiting for Weed is a short film about the ethical consumerism and institutional racism in the new age of legal recreational marijuana. Directed by Joe Derr. Written by John Paul Sharp. Starring Jason Dooley and Amy Youngblood, with Navia Panelo, Eric Singletary, Greg Beach, G. Mike West, and Tuna Tempeh. Produced by Writers and Actors Reading… Continue reading Waiting for Weed (2017)

Grass (2017)

Grass, music by John Paul Sharp (2017)

Grass is a mini-musical written by Jim Fox.  I wrote the music! The piece was originally produced by Writers and Actors Reading and Performing (WARP) Theatre in April of 2017, starring Elizabeth Hagert as Lisa, Michael Lacker as Wilbur, Molly Blades as Lady G, and G. Mike West as Mr. B. Directed by Allison Lloyd. … Continue reading Grass (2017)

Dif’raunt (2014)

Dif'raunt by John Paul Sharp (2014)

1. Good Morning to You Music and Lyrics by John Paul Sharp hey, are you feeling okay? I don’t like how you mope for the life that you chose are you feeling alone? Because you could have stayed home, But you didn’t, you’re here, and i’m happy you’re here, you’re a trooper. hey, don’t look… Continue reading Dif’raunt (2014)

Bingo Break (2012)

Bingo Break by John Paul Sharp (2012)

Bingo Break was originally written and performed for the Writers and Actors Reading and Performing playwrights group which met every Tuesday night at the Eclectic Theater in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Bingo Break is a slice-of-life short play about a three “ladies” who play bingo together in Wichita, Kansas. Bingo Break by John… Continue reading Bingo Break (2012)